Know your Care BearsAfter handling the old ones and the new ones…

Vintage 1980’s


1980’s no color on the feet

painted feet 2003

painted heart

raised plastic with painted hearts

Know your Care Bears

After handling the old ones and the new ones I have come up with a checklist of ways to tell the old from the new. Hopefully this will help anyone wanting to know the difference. I see people all the time listing care bears as “vintage” when the actually are form 2003…

1. Check out the plastic: Old care  bears from the 1980’s are a heavy dull plastic, almost rubber like. New care bears are light and very glossy. they have a shine to them.

2. Where they are made: 1980’s Care bears are marked on there legs with hong kong. new ones are black ink that say china

3. there feet prints: check the bottom on there feet. Old care bears will have imprinted heats, new one will be colored in.

4. Hearts on the butt: Old care bears will have pained on little hearts where new care bears will have rained plastic painted ones.

5. Hair: Vintage care bears were made with actual synthetic hair puffs on there head, where new care bears only have plastic bumps.

these are all easy ways to identify them quickly. hope it helps!