Leonard Solid Brass Kitty Cat Figurine, small vintage sitting…

Leonard Solid Brass Kitty Cat Figurine, small vintage sitting cat statue


Darling vintage sitting Cat Figurine made by Leonard Silver Mfg. Co.Completely
made of solid brass, this kitty cat is sitting up tall, has its head
turned to the right and has its tail up on its back.It has a sweet face with round eyes, a small nose, straight mouth, cute puffy cheeks and its ears pointed upward.Overall
this vintage kitty has a brushed / matte finish, it’s very clean and
has little to no marks or scratches. It does however have a bit of
tarnishing around the eyes, tail and a small spot just below the tail.The original sticker on the bottom reads “Leonard, ®Silver Mfg. Co. Solid Brass Collection, Korea”.Perfect gift for any cat lover.This
cat weighs 3 ounces. It measures 2 7/8 inches tall, 1 ½ inches wide
across the base, 1 1/8 inch deep and from ear to ear its head is 1 inch