Charlie Brown’s ‘Cyclopedia Volume 1 Featuring Your…

Charlie Brown’s ‘Cyclopedia Volume 1 Featuring Your Body, Hard Cover Educational Funk and Wagnalls 1980 Children’s Book

Comical and educational Charlie Brown’s ‘Cyclopedia Super Questions and
Answers and Amazing Facts hard cover book. It is based on the Charles M.
Schulz characters, published Random House and distributed by Funk and
Wagnalls Copyright 1980.
This book is Volume 1 in a series and
features Charlie Brown and the Peanuts gang explaining anything and
everything that has to do with the human body, from blood cells to
Each page is full of fun biological facts and colorful illustrations and comic strips.
vintage encyclopedia book is in excellent condition, with a few
superficial marks on the outside of the cover from age and storage. The
upper right corner of the front of the book has its original sales
sticker that reads “General Mdse .9¢”
It is 54 pages, measures 11 inches tall, 8 ¼ inches wide and 3/8 inch deep.