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Cobalt Blue Aura Quartz Crystal, Blue Crystal, Cobalt Aura Crystal Cluster, 3.9 ounces, 111 grams

Spectacular dark Cobalt Blue Quartz Crystal Cluster.
This cluster sits flat on the bottom, has one large point up the center and many medium sized upward facing points.
It has beautiful gold and purple highlights on a dark blue base. It is a fantastic specimen.
Cobalt Aura crystals are an excellent aid to creativity and also increase one’s natural clairvoyance and healing powers. Cobalt Aura is used to stimulate the throat chakra and helps remove constrains of self-expression that may hold one back in life, relationships and the workplace.
Measures 2 inches tall, 2.35 inches wide and 1.7 inches wide and weighs 3.9 ounces / 111 grams.