Wolverine Sunny Suzy electric Toy Iron and Ironing Board,…

Wolverine Sunny Suzy electric Toy Iron and Ironing Board, vintage 1950s metal toy clothes Iron and wooden board


Super cute vintage 1950s Wolverine Sunny Suzy toy Iron and Ironing Board.The
Iron is made of red and silver tin (metal) with a black plastic handle
and a black electrical cord. The Iron does not work. I had it plugged in
for 15 minutes and it stayed cold. On one side of the black handle it
reads “Wolverine, made in U.S.A” and on the back side of the iron it
reads “Sunny Suzy”.This vintage toy is in good condition. The red
paint is perfect and the silver bottom has some freckled oxidation
marks. The handle is nice and clean and free of scratches or dents. The
electric cord is also in good condition.The iron measures 5 ¼
inches from the tip to the back, 2 ½ inches wide and 2 ¾ inches from
the bottom of the iron to the top of the handle. The cord measures 5
feet 7 inches long.The Ironing Board is made of sturdy Wood. It
has a flat, smooth clean surface with a couple of marks from storage,
age and use. In the center there is a partial sticker that has the words
“Toys and Games, New! Ironing”.  The legs are hinged on the bottom with
one leg attached with a hinge to the board and the other spins upward
to fit into the brace on the bottom of the board. The brace has two
indentations to adjust the height and there is a metal piece that turns
to lock the leg in place. The top of the board measures 2 feet long
and 7 inches wide. The leg that is attached measures 2 feet long and 7
inches wide. The leg that pivots measures 2 feet long and 6 inches wide.
When standing, the entire board is 19 ¾ inches tall.The Iron weighs 8 ounces and the Ironing Board weighs 2 pounds.