Antique German Naughty Bisque Boy Doll, Little…

Antique German Naughty Bisque Boy Doll, Little Squirt, Pee Willy, original bulb, vintage novelty toy

Delightful antique German all Bisque Boy Doll. These type of dolls were
often called Pee Willy, Littler Squirter, Little Squirt or Naughty Boy.
He was made around 1900.  
He has lots of details in his cute little face with pudgy, rosy cheeks, blue eyes and blonde curly hair.
has on a pink hat of sorts which the original bulb (that once held
liquid) is securely attached to. The rubber bulb would have been filled
with water and squeezed so that water would squirt out of him.
Unfortunately, it has dry rotted and crumbled a bit with age and is no
longer functional. It is rare to find these squirting dolls with the
bulb still attached.  
His plump body and white night shirt (with
blue trim) are very clean. There is hardly a mark on him. He is well
molded with lots of details in his little fingers, toes, round knees,
the folds in his shirt and more!
He is marked with a ‘9’ and
possibly a ‘0’ on the bottom of his right foot (it’s difficult to read).
This vintage doll is in good vintage condition free of chips, cracks or
Measures 4 inches tall (from his feet to the top of the bulb).  
antique novelty doll is pictured in the book called “Naughties: Nudies
and Bathing Beauties” by S. Weintraub.  Great collectible antique doll
and conversation piece!