Lee Middleton Devan Baby Doll, Autographed by …

Lee Middleton Devan Baby Doll, Autographed by Lee Middleton, like new with box and certificate


This darling baby doll is Devan she is a vinyl/soft bodied doll created
by Lee Middleton. She is number 2874 of a limited edition of 5,000
released.She has a certified “Forget-Me-Not” Face with bright
blue eyes, full lashes, painted brows a little mouth and a full head of
golden blonde hair. The back of her neck is stamped “050487-V 88, © Lee
Middleton 1987, USA (with a Fish symbol)” In black marker it reads
“2874, Lee Middleton”. The center of her back was personally autographed by Lee Middleton herself in September of 1993.She has a vinyl head, arms and legs and is posed with her arms up and her knees bent.Her
outfit is a one piece, made of white cotton, is a feet in first style
and has snap closures in the back, a pleated front and fluffy short
sleeves. It is finished off with a floral appliqué and a matching
bonnet.  On her feet she has white cotton socks and white satin shoes
with matching floral accents. Under her outfit she is wearing a diaper.Included with Devan is her “Little Bible” and a booklet that certifies she is number 2874 and made by Lee Middleton (pictured).This Lee Middleton Doll is in perfect mint condition. She has lived in her original box, since 1993 (24 years).Her
box is beige in color and in good condition with a couple of
superficial marks from storage. The side label reads “VDV, Devan TM, A
Lee Middleton Original” (pictured).The box measures 24 ½ inches tall, 6 inches deep and 9 inches wide.The Doll measures 20 inches tall, 14 inches across at her hands, 6 inches across her chest and 4 ½ inches deep at her belly.Lee Middleton Dolls were made from 1978 to 2004 and the company was sold to Madame Alexander 2010.