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Beautiful Switzerland National Costume Cellulo…

Beautiful Switzerland National Costume Celluloid Muller’s Swiss Costume Doll, 12 Inches tall

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Beautiful Dream World Composition  International…

Beautiful Dream World Composition  International Doll

This beautiful Doll is made by Dream World. Dream World dolls were
manufactured in the USA from the late 1930s to the early 1950s. She is made entirely of composition has a jointed neck, shoulders and hips.Her
sweet face has painted side glancing blue eyes with painted upper
lashes, rosy cheeks and a red painted closed mouth. On top of her head
she has a glued on thick black mohair wig that is topped with a  stapled
on light orange satin scarf with a pink bow on top.Her dress
consists of a pale yellow shear short sleeved blouse with a gold satin
shawl wrapped over her shoulders. Her long skirt orange satin with
embroidered white red and yellow trim. The entire outfit is finished off
with a velvet rose colored band around the waist and a black lace and
gold trim apron. Under her dress she has a gauze slip, matching
underpants, white silky socks and white oil cloth tied on shoes. Please
note that her skirt has a few light water stains especially on her left
side and on the bottom back of the skirt there are two tiny holes
(pictured).Her entire outfit is stapled on in the back and front.Her
joints are tight although please note her right arm wants to stay more
forward then downward. She has a little paint wear on the top of her
right arm and the front of her left leg but the rest of her is in nice
shape.She measures 11 inches tall and 2 ¾ inches wide at the shoulders.