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Super cute Painted Mask Face vintage Cloth Bo…

Super cute Painted Mask Face vintage Cloth Boy Doll with Blonde Hair, vintage stuffed toy doll

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Peter, Dean’s Rag Book Dancing Doll, vintage Cloth Doll,…

Peter, Dean’s Rag Book Dancing Doll, vintage Cloth Doll, stuffed toy, made in England 1930s

This is Peter, he is a very rare antique made by Dean’s Rag Book he is a
Dancing Doll, made in England Dean’s Rag Book Co. Ltd. London from
The doll is made of cloth with a molded mask / face, stuffed with kapok and wood-wool.
face is painted with side glancing blue eyes, eyelashes and eyebrows,
nostrils marked with dots, and an open smiling mouth with teeth.
On top of his round head he has blonde stitched in hair which has severely thinned from age.
Peter’s body is shaped with his arms outward to hold his dance partner.
has stitched finger detail, his original sewn on outfit, black felt
jacket, white oil cloth type collar with pink bow-tie, black and white
gingham checked cotton trousers and hardboard black oil cloth covered
feet with what remains of Deans (red) logo stamp on the bottom of his
right foot. The logo reads “Deans Ragbook Dolls, Pat Pend USA” with a
patent number that is difficult to read (pictured).
His neck and arm joints are very tight and his leg and feet are flimsy.
Overall, this hard to find cloth doll is in very good vintage condition with very little general wear.
Measures 13 ¾ inches tall and is 12 inches across at his arms.

Painted Mask Face vintage Cloth Boy Doll with Blonde…

Painted Mask Face vintage Cloth Boy Doll with Blonde Hair

Adorable vintage cloth stuffed boy doll with a composition type painted face.
He is very sweet and dressed like he’s ready for an adventure on a chilly day.
mask face is made of a composition type of material. He has painted
features. His eyes are bright blue and his mouth is red. On top of his
head he has a green felt beret which has two little blonde curls of hair
peaking out.
He has on a blue plaid shirt, soft denim pants with a
blue felt tied on belt. Around his neck he is wearing a red felt scarf
and his shoes (feet) are flat wedges of cotton composite with teal
fringe on top.
This vintage doll is in excellent condition. He is
free of any stains, rips or damage. His body is stuffing is very solid
and dense. He can almost stand on his own but is better leaning against
He is unmarked but looks similar to a Dean’s Rag Book Doll.
Measures 11 ¾ inches tall, 5 inches wide across at his arms, 1 ¾ inches wide (front to back).

Celluloid and Fur vintage Stuffed Doll, celluloid mask face,…

Celluloid and Fur vintage Stuffed Doll, celluloid mask face, excelsior stuffed body, jointed limbs, antique cloth doll

Beautiful vintage doll with a Celluloid Mask Face and fuzzy (plush fur like) cloth body stuffed with an excelsior type material.
thin plastic / celluloid mask face is just darling with blue eyes, a
light pink closed mouth and sculpted hair. His chin has a flaw it has a
hard vertical crack that extends horizontal across the chin and is
thinner on the lower right cheek.
His entire outfit is similar to
a winter snow suit and is covered with plush / stuffed animal like
cloth and fur. The fur is light grey and has thinned throughout. With
more fur worn off on the back than the front.
His arm and legs are tightly jointed with (what feels like metal disks) connecting each joint.
has soft felt mitten hands and boot shaped feet. The outside of the
left hand has a black stain and the outside of the right hand has a hole
in the fabric where some of the straw/excelsior is showing. The boots
have sown in thread laces and there is a dark stain on the outside of
the left boot.
Please note that there is also a small rip in the
fabric on the backside top of the left leg, but it is still held
together well.
This antique cloth doll is unmarked but looks very similar to the 1911 Ideal Baby Mine Doll.
Measures 11 ½ inches tall, 5 inches wide at the arms and 2 ½ inches deep at the belly.